Big Money Spent in the Houston Mayoral Race

Houston, Texas is one of the nation’s largest and most prosperous cities. In the last stretch before election day, Houston’s two leading mayoral candidates are spending big bucks to win this influential political position.

All candidates are required to file reports detailing their donations and expenditures. Here’s a look at the last report before the election, filed on Monday, October 28. 

Campaign Cash*:

Sylvester Turner$2,808,868$4,859,054$787,331
Tony Buzbee$2,500,000$8,156,259$1,300,780
Bill King$1,054,016$1,324,065$141,287
Dwight Boykins$290,529$273,308$29,970
Sue Lovell$28,493 $10,929N/A**

The two front runners for Houston mayor, incumbent Mayor Sylvester Turner and challenger Tony Buzbee, are spending big money to try to win voters in the final days before the election. Combined, they spent over $4 million during just the most recent reporting period, although Buzbee took in no money during that time.

The heavy spending in the race is notable, but the spending discrepancy between the leaders — with Buzbee outspending Turner nearly 2 to 1 — is not yet reflected in the polls. A recent Houston Chronicle poll released on October 20th showed Turner leading the field with 44 percent of the vote against Buzbee’s 24 percent. King polled eight percent and Boykins won the support of seven percent. Other candidates each received less than two percent support.

If none of these candidates wins a majority of the vote on Tuesday, the top two vote-getters will advance to a runoff on December 14th.

*According to reports filed with Houston City Hall.

**Ms. Lovell did not report her cash-on-hand in the most recent filing.

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