New 2018 Campaign Finance Data

New data is here, which means it’s time for citizens to take action. Our team has been busy working to pull the most recent Texas campaign finance reports, eliminate errors and duplicates, and format the information in a way that’s easy for you to understand and search. We encourage you to use our website to… CONTINUE


Geren Under Fire — Will His Supporters Flee?

State Representative Charlie Geren has recently been linked to two scandals. This has many political insiders wondering, will donors continue to support him? First, Geren, who chairs the powerful House Administration committee, had to announce an updated and more rigorous sexual harassment policy after claiming just last month there was no need to discuss the policy… CONTINUE


Will Your Name Be Disclosed If You Give Money?

In five minutes or less, you can understand what kinds of organizations have to report the names of donors and what kinds don’t. Here’s the quick run down. Organizations That Don’t Have to Disclose Their Donors: Private Organizations and Businesses –  Generally speaking, the internal matters (names of donors, members, customers, and investors) of private… CONTINUE


Dilemma for Abbott Supporters

Governor Greg Abbott made headlines recently with his endorsement of Susanna Dokupil, the Houston-area businesswoman challenging incumbent State Representative Sarah Davis. While Abbott has gotten involved in primary races before, it’s usually to give his stamp of approval to incumbent legislators he believes should return to Austin. Rarely, if ever, does a sitting governor endorse against… CONTINUE


The Next Speaker

Texas House Speaker Joe Straus’ recent announcement that he will not seek reelection in 2018 naturally brings up questions for both the political insider and the casual observer. Who will be the next Speaker of the Texas House? Will one of Straus’ close allies take the reins? What sort of say will Democrats have? How… CONTINUE


Is There Too Much Money in Politics?

84% of Americans say “yes,” according to a 2015 New York Times / CBS poll. A clear majority of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents all agreed that money has too much influence on the outcome of elections. On the surface, the numbers seem to suggest they’re right. After all, the media constantly complain about the outsized… CONTINUE


Who’s Gonna Get Ten Million Dollars?

Yes, ten million. That’s how much money Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus has in the bank. As of the most recent reports, Speaker Straus has approximately $10,039,844 in his campaign account. Straus announced today he will not seek re-election as Speaker or to the Texas House of Representatives. More than 75 county GOP… CONTINUE


Seven Things You Should Know About the Post-Special Session Report

To prevent the appearance (or reality) of politicians getting paid to vote a certain way, they are not allowed to accept campaign donations during the biennial regular legislative sessions. But it’s not uncommon for political donations to pour into campaign accounts after a legislative session. As usual, legislators raised vast amounts of money from individual… CONTINUE


Shocking Donations by Abbott’s Inner Circle

Would you be surprised to find out the Chief of Staff for one of the most conservative governors in the nation gave money to a group dedicated to helping elect Democrats? We were. At Transparency Texas, we routinely examine the political giving (and taking) of elected officials. And for good reason – these men and… CONTINUE


Top Ten Cash on Hand for the 2018 Election Cycle

The amount of power or influence wielded by a particular elected official is not based solely on the office he or she holds. Often the strongest indicator of political staying power is the amount of money a politician has in the bank. Like it or not, money talks, especially in politics. The more money, the… CONTINUE