Seven Things You Should Know About the Post-Special Session Report

To prevent the appearance (or reality) of politicians getting paid to vote a certain way, they are not allowed to accept campaign donations during the biennial regular legislative sessions. But it’s not uncommon for political donations to pour into campaign accounts after a legislative session. As usual, legislators raised vast amounts of money from individual… CONTINUE


Shocking Donations by Abbott’s Inner Circle

Would you be surprised to find out the Chief of Staff for one of the most conservative governors in the nation gave money to a group dedicated to helping elect Democrats? We were. At Transparency Texas, we routinely examine the political giving (and taking) of elected officials. And for good reason – these men and… CONTINUE


Top Ten Cash on Hand for the 2018 Election Cycle

The amount of power or influence wielded by a particular elected official is not based solely on the office he or she holds. Often the strongest indicator of political staying power is the amount of money a politician has in the bank. Like it or not, money talks, especially in politics. The more money, the… CONTINUE


Top Ten PACs of the 2018 Texas Election Cycle

Political power in Texas is not divided simply between Democrats and Republicans, but among four tribes or alliance groups: Democrats and three groups of Republicans (Liberal Republicans, Moderate Republicans, and Conservative Republicans). Just like donors and candidates, PACs also have political alliances, so taking a look at which PACs are receiving the most cash can tell… CONTINUE


Top Ten Donors of the 2018 Texas Election Cycle

Throughout the 2018 Election Cycle, Transparency Texas will keep you up-to-date on the top political donors to state politics. As new information and data are available, we’ll update the list, making sure you know who’s funding what in Texas. Take a look at the top ten political donors so far in the 2018 election cycle:… CONTINUE


The 2018 Election Cycle is Here

As hard as it is to believe, the 2018 election cycle has begun. Candidates’ first finance reports were due to the Texas Ethics Commission on June 30. At Transparency Texas, we’ve cleaned up the data, removed duplicates and errors, and provided you with the easiest and most accurate source for understanding the money flowing through political… CONTINUE


Faster, Easier, More Accurate Data, For You

At Transparency Texas, our mission is to serve you, the freedom-loving citizens of Texas, by providing clear, easy-to-understand information about the money flowing through political hands in our great state. Most importantly, the information must be accurate. A recent study done by the Campaign Finance Institute found that the Texas Ethics Commission (the agency responsible… CONTINUE


Where’s the New Campaign Finance Data?

You’ll notice the campaign finance data on our website goes only to March 22, 2017. The reason? That’s the most recent data the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) has released for download. Earlier this week, on Monday, July 17th, to be exact, the January 1, 2017 – June 30, 2017 semi-annual campaign finance reports were due… CONTINUE


How PACs Fall into Political Tribes

It’s pretty common to see a political talking head grandstanding about how a certain big money donor is trying to use his money to force his will on Texas. But a quick look at the money shows a different story. In the last election cycle, the top eight donors collectively gave a little more than… CONTINUE

Exposing Political Alliances of Texas PACs: How We Did It

We’ve promised to explain how political power and political money, particularly big dollar PAC money, is divided in Texas into four tribes. Here’s how we did it: To go beyond the typical Republic vs. Democrat narrative and understand the real story, we took a look at key votes that forced legislators to reveal their true… CONTINUE