How It Works

Our How It Works series pulls back the curtain on the inter-workings of state government by identifying who’s involved, defining what they do, and explaining the motivations behind their actions.


A Luxury Lifestyle on the Donor Dime

You know those iffy charges from your last work trip that you decided not to include on your expense report…


A $60 Strategy to Make $1

A recent AP article questioned why several Democratic presidential candidates were spending $60 — or as much as $90, according to…


Doxxing — Could It Happen to You?

Doxxing is the modern day version of stocks in the town square. Could it happen to you? “Doxxing” is short…


First Campaign Finance Reports for the 2020 Election Cycle Due Today!

Texas candidates and PACs are required to submit reports of all their contributions and expenditures for the first half of…


Texas Is Ground Zero for 2020

“Everything’s bigger in Texas.” This year the famous quip may apply not only to Texas cowboy hats, ranches, and our…


The Session Is Over. Now’s the Time To Keep An Eye on the Money.

The 86th Session of the Texas Legislature ended on May 27, 2019. As politicians begin to jockey for position going…


Money Myth #5: You can’t make a difference.

This week we close out our series on the Myths about Money in Politics by debunking the most insidious myth…


I’m Just a Bill, Languishing on Capitol, er … in Austin Part 2

Last week we gave you an overview of how a bill becomes law in Texas. Now that you know how…


I’m Just a Bill, Languishing on Capitol, er… in Austin

When we were kids, the TV show Schoolhouse Rock taught us how laws were passed in Congress with its catchy…


Money Myth #4: Dark Money Should Be Exposed.

“Dark money” is a term used to describe political spending by groups that are not required to disclose their donors….