How It Works

Our How It Works series pulls back the curtain on the inter-workings of state government by identifying who’s involved, defining what they do, and explaining the motivations behind their actions.


Understanding Corporate Contributions

The general rule in Texas is that corporations cannot make contributions to candidates and political committees. So, you may ask…


Revolving Door Lobbyists

During the 85th Session of the Texas Legislature, a slew of bills have been filed which aim to curb the…


Wining And Dining Elected Officials

Texas politicians can be influenced by two financial sources: campaign contributions and lobbyist expenditures. During the Texas legislative session, state law…


What’s An Interest Group?

There are countless advocacy groups in Texas that promote certain policies or principles or advance the interests of various groups…


Follow the Money

More than $225,000,000.00. That’s the amount of money raised by Texas candidates and PACs in the last election cycle alone,…