Money Myths


Sanders Unveils Flawed Campaign Finance Agenda

Bernie Sanders’ recent heart attack may be keeping him off the campaign trail for a while, but he is still…


Money Myth #6: The Government Should Fund Campaigns

As Democratic presidential candidates begin to reveal how much money they raised last quarter, it makes sense to examine the…


Money Myth #5: You can’t make a difference.

This week we close out our series on the Myths about Money in Politics by debunking the most insidious myth…


Money Myth #4: Dark Money Should Be Exposed.

“Dark money” is a term used to describe political spending by groups that are not required to disclose their donors….


Money Myth #3: Refusing Corporate PAC Money Will Reduce Political Corruption

“I pledge not to take even a dime from corporate PACs!” It’s become a familiar mantra. Refusing money from corporate…


Money Myth #2: There Should Be Limits on Campaign Contributions

Cries for “Campaign Finance Reform” come from both sides of the political aisle. It’s popular for candidates and interest groups…


Money Myth #1: There’s Too Much Money in Politics

A big part of our mission at Transparency Texas is to help citizens understand how money in politics really works….