Prominent PACs


Top Ten PACs of the 2018 Texas Election Cycle

Taking a look at which Texas PACs are receiving the most cash can tell you which political tribes and which politicians are currently in the strongest positions as we approach the all-important Texas primaries. It’s important to understand that political power in Texas is not divided simply between Democrats and Republicans, but among four tribes… CONTINUE


How PACs Fall into Political Tribes

It’s pretty common to see a political talking head grandstanding about how a certain big money donor is trying to use his money to force his will on Texas. But a quick look at the money shows a different story. In the last election cycle, the top eight donors collectively gave a little more than… CONTINUE

Exposing Political Alliances of Texas PACs: How We Did It

We’ve promised to explain how political power and political money, particularly big dollar PAC money, is divided in Texas into four tribes. Here’s how we did it: To go beyond the typical Republic vs. Democrat narrative and understand the real story, we took a look at key votes that forced legislators to reveal their true… CONTINUE

Political Tribes Revealed: Character-Defining Votes

With more than 6,000 bills filed each session in the House, citizens have ample evidence to determine a legislator’s political stripes. But keeping up with the legislative process can be time consuming and overwhelming. That’s why voters often rely on scorecards to grade legislators on a particular issue set. Additionally, Dr. Mark Jones’ non-partisan study… CONTINUE

The Four Political Tribes that Run Texas

The Texas political scene is influenced by more than just the usual two political parties (Democrats and Republicans). It is influenced by four voting blocs or political tribes: Democrats and three groups of Republicans: Liberal Republicans, Moderate Republicans, and Conservative Republicans. Dr. Mark Jones, a well-respected political scientist at Rice University, recognized this political divide… CONTINUE

PACs Have Political Tribes Too

Texas legislators fall into four political tribes – Democrats, Liberal Republicans, Moderate Republicans, and Conservative Republicans. Interestingly, we found that the big money in Texas politics can also be categorized into the same four tribes. We examined the giving of the most prominent PACs in Texas and found that they consistently gave their largest gifts… CONTINUE

Texas Trial Lawyers Association: Democrat

Tribe: Democrat The Texas Trial Lawyers Association (TTLA) is the go-to PAC for plaintiff’s attorneys looking to make an impact on public policy. Because Republicans have held political majorities in Texas for more than two decades, trial lawyers have had a hard time carving out a niche from which to conduct their work. TTLA exists… CONTINUE

Border Health: Democrat

Tribe: Democrat Border Health PAC (BHPAC) is the premier supporter of Democrats from the Rio Grande Valley and border region of Texas. They exist to “promote issues of the medical profession along the border of the State of Texas” and spend large amounts of money to do so. Rather than seeking influence on legislation statewide,… CONTINUE

Texas Medical Association: Liberal Republican

Tribe: Liberal Republican Texas Medical Association (TMA) advocates on behalf of thousands of doctors and physicians across the state of Texas. Specifically, their PAC works to elect legislators who will work with the medical community to increase the level of state spending on medical services and programs, as well as pass legislation capitalizing on federal… CONTINUE

Texas Association of Realtors: Liberal Republican

Tribe: Liberal Republican The Texas Association of REALTORS and their associated PACs are arguably the most well-funded in the state, as more money passed  through them in the 2016 election cycle than any other PAC. The Realtors are also one of the most well-known interest groups in Austin, and have been for years. Their legislative… CONTINUE