Race to Raise

Our Race to Raise series takes a deeper look at the most high-profile races of the election cycle, focusing specifically on money raised by those seeking to serve in public office. Stay tuned for the next installment.


House Chairmen Raised 395% of Amount Raised By Colleagues

Being appointed the chairman of a committee in the Texas House not only means power — it also means money….


Big Money Spent in the Houston Mayoral Race

Houston, Texas is one of the nation’s largest and most prosperous cities. In the last stretch before election day, Houston’s…

Last Minute Money in the Midland Mayoral Race

For those staying abreast of the money that backs political power, the upcoming mayoral race in Midland, Texas is one…


A $60 Strategy to Make $1

A recent AP article questioned why several Democratic presidential candidates were spending $60 — or as much as $90, according to…


Freedom Caucus Fundraising Down 62 Percent

Following the last legislative session, conservative activists and donors across Texas expressed dismay with what they believed to be lackluster…


How Vulnerable is Dustin Burrows?

Texas House Representative Dustin Burrows, who represents District 83 (Lubbock and a swath of West Texas), resigned his post as…


Conservative Dollars Conspicuously Missing From Latest Campaign Finance Reports

When Texas’ last legislative session gaveled to a close in late May, conservatives from across the state were not shy…


Small-Dollar Donors Make a Big Difference for Democrats

You might be surprised to find that the Political Action Committee (PAC) with the most small-dollar donors in Republican-controlled Texas…


Top Ten Texas PACs for 2020

These ten Texas PACs have already taken in more than $14 million combined, which they will use to support their…


Bonnen Missing From the List of Top Texas Fundraisers

Who’s conspicuously absent from the first campaign finance reports of 2020? Texas Speaker of the House Dennis Bonnen.  We just…